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Leather Masks:
The Merchant of Venice
                            Merchant of Venice
  Toys for the Face by Ryl Mandus  
                            Merchant of Venice

the leather masks of
Ryl Mandus


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  Regarding Wholesale  
With regret, there is no wholesale from The Merchant of Venice.  Here's why:

1)  The mask-maker -- namely me -- pays full retail for all materials, selecting everything that goes into these masks by close tactile and visual inspection to insure the use of top quality leathers et al, not seconds or irregulars which would adversely affect the masks' appearance and comfort.

2)  Each and every mask is made by hand, one at a time.  Each and every mask requires the effort of many hours of labor on the part of the mask-maker, who does all of the work instead of merely slapping down a design on paper and then allowing unpaid apprentices the dubious privilege of providing all the labor.

This should be remembered:  things that are mass-produced look mass-produced.
I strive for quality, not quantity.

Notice to Retailers:

Please understand that I don't do consignment.  You may purchase these masks outright and at the prices established on this website, and you are then free to add whatever mark-up
you feel your market will bear.

(If you don't have faith in your shop or your customers, why should I?)

These masks are the result of a love for masks
and an almost fanatical devotion to detail and fantasy.

I make every mask as though it were going into my private collection.
Indeed, sometimes it is very difficult for me to let go of some of them.

Please do not belittle the masks, or the mask-maker, by demanding bargains.

Thank you.

The Merchant of Venice

All works within this site copyrighted by Ryl Mandus, unless otherwise stated.
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