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Leather Masks:
The Merchant of Venice
                            Merchant of Venice
  Toys for the Face by Ryl Mandus  
                            Merchant of Venice

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  The Care and Feeding of Your New Mask  
1. Avoid crushing the mask, . . . to keep its shape, support the interior with balled paper (do not use newsprint, it smudges horribly). Or better still, store (and display!) your mask on a wig or hat stand.  I use styrofoam wig-heads for my personal masks and headdresses.

2. Keep the mask out of prolonged exposure to sunlight, as this can fade the colors and cause the leather to dry excessively, and possibly crack. (Remember that it used to be skin.) 

3. Avoid excessive damp, . . . fog might be okay, but not drizzle or rain, and whatever you do, don't drop it in the punchbowl. There are few things more undisciplined than a wet, stained, and drunken mask. 

4. Be very careful of stains, even if your mask is varnished. Leather is a porous material that takes color very well, and stains on it tend to be rather permanent.

5. This bears repeating: The masks themselves are awfully sturdy, however, some of the feathers may not be colorfast (blame the manufacturers, not me) and if mishandled the quills can break.  Also, the beadwork threads can break if sufficiently stressed, so -- Do - Not - Pull - On - Them.

6. Scotchgarding and other such procedures are a no-no. The chemicals in them can and will harm the finishes on your mask. You have been warned.

7. Please refrain from teasing your mask. Cranky masks can be uncooperative.

8. Remember to wear your mask from time to time so it won't feel neglected. You are expected to provide a good home for your new mask.

Thank you for adopting a mask from The Merchant of Venice.
With the proper care that should be given to any fine leather product,
your mask will enhance your fantasies and costumes
for years to come, and become
a wild and beautiful


The Merchant of Venice,
Ryl Mandus

The Merchant of Venice

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