masks venetian masquerade leather
Leather Masks:
The Merchant of Venice
The Merchant of
  Toys for the Face by Ryl Mandus  
The Merchant of

the leather masks of
Ryl Mandus

magical creatures,
extraordinary mortals

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   The Unique Collection:  One-of-a-Kind Masks  
. . . going for baroque, with a stuttering breath of decadence, . . .


face smothered in iridescent glitter and the beak and eyes in bright gold.
The cheeks drip with tiny glass bead and fresh water pearls,
 while the crown and perimeter - trimmed with golden braid - erupt in snowy feathers,
as slender organza ribbons tumble from the temples.

(stretchy strap)

Price: $325.00

Inspiration is eternally accidental.  It can never be forced.


Gleaming in rusty black,
this dainty mask's
coppery peak sweeps away
with a flurry of
soft black feathers.
(stretchy strap)

Price:  $85.00

The word "zany" orginates from the Italian name "Gianni" ("Johnny" to us english-talkers),
because this was the name given to the generic street clown in the old Republic of Venice.


Deceptively shy in dark, burnished bronze with even
darker eyes and crests dusted with gold.
(stretchy strap)

Price:  $75.00

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Where beasts walk upon two legs and speak the languages of humans, . . .

Nuova Venezia, . . .
. . . where magic is real, but only if you believe.       

Welcome to our private labyrinth, where getting out again is up to you.

The Merchant of Venice

All works within this site copyrighted by Ryl Mandus, unless otherwise stated.
masks venetian masquerade leathermasks venetian masquerade leather