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Leather Masks:
The Merchant of Venice
The Merchant of
  Toys for the Face by Ryl Mandus  
The Merchant of

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the leather masks of
Ryl Mandus

magical creatures,
extraordinary mortals

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   The Gala Collection:  Party Favorite Masks 
. . . going for baroque, with a stuttering breath of decadence, . . .
The Clown of God

Classic half-mask in
diamond patterns of rich color
with curling satin ribbons 
spilling from their temples.
(stretchy strap)

Price: $85.00
Nijinski can be created in nearly any color pairing you wish.
If you prefer your mask without ribbons just let me know.
Mardi Gras "Nijinski"

Brilliant emerald green and imperial purple, 
with gold braid trim and curled ribbons.
(stretchy strap)

Price:  $90.00
Antique Venetian "Nijinski"

Gold, black, burgundy, and white, all with 
a patina of age, gold braid trim and ribbons.
(stretchy strap)

Price:  $95.00

the Duchess asks, "what will be your next Masquerade?"

You answer with a sly, silent shrug.

"Oh, you wicked creature," she accuses
over her tea cup
with a cunning smile.
"Well, whatever you do, you mustn't get caught without a Mask."


An example of custom colors:

Gleaming black and sparkling bronze
gold braid trim and satin ribbons.

(stretchy strap)

Price:  $110.00


His name is Jack.  Just Jack.
Based on the elegant silhouette of Nijinski, each gentleman here is unique unto himself
with his colors dependent on my mood at the time of his creation
  secured by sturdy black satin ribbon ties.

currently, on the left:  burnished copper with smatterings of bronze glitter.
and on the right:  antique gold with scratches of dark red bleeding through, dusted in gold.

Price:  $80.00 each

"Angel Eyes"

A sweet face flanked by bright wings, in any colors your heart desires.

(stretchy strap)

Price:  $80.00

    "Why are you wearing a mask?" Fezzik asked.  "Were you burned by acid, or something like that?"
    "Oh, no, it's just they're terribly comfortable," the man in black replied.  "I think everyone will be wearing them in the future." *
"D. P. Roberts"

He's D.P. to his mates -- those o' them that yet draw breath -- but to you and me,
evil princes, six-fingered noblemen and large, pale henchmen, he's the
Dread Pirate Roberts.
In smooth and thorough black with black satin ribbon ties, 
this is a simple mask for a complicated man.

Price:  $50.00  each

* The Princess Bride, novel and screenplay by William Goldman

The Merchant of Venice

All works within this site copyrighted by Ryl Mandus, unless otherwise stated.
masks venetian masquerade leathermasks venetian masquerade leather