masks venetian masquerade leathermasks venetian masquerade leather
Leather Masks:
The Merchant of Venice
                            Merchant of Venice
  Toys for the Face by Ryl Mandus  
                            Merchant of Venice

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the leather masks of
Ryl Mandus


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  Frequently Asked Questions  
Most of the questions folks ask me are civil and intelligent -- and sometimes not so much. 
I'll address the intelligent questions here:

    Have you had any formal training?
         This question always flatters me, but I must always answer "no".
         Besides, I might ruin my tuxedo that way.

    Do you offer mask-making apprenticeships or workshops?
         Not at this time -- but I can recommend an excellent book on the subject:
            The Prop Builder's Mask-Making Handbook, by Thurston James,
            Betterway Books, ISBN 1-55870-166-4.   Check with Amazon.Com.

    Will you send me a mask sample?
         No.  There are no such things as 'mask samples'.

    Will you sell me an unpainted mask so I can paint it myself?
         No.  I don't sell or release unfinished masks.

    Can I buy a mask on Lay-A-Way?
         Nope.  I've gotten burned on this, so I swore to myself  'never again'.

    My payment's in the mail but I don't feel like waiting, so can you send me the mask before the payment arrives, anyway?
         No.  Nuh-uh.  No Way.  I've been burned on this one, too.  Next year file early!

    Will you sell me masks at wholesale prices?
         Considering that there is only one pair of hands doing everything -- mine -- and that
         there is no middle-man/person/thing involved, these masks
already are 'wholesale'.

    Do you rent out masks?
         No.  In compliance with local and state health laws, I cannot accept any returns on
         masks or headdresses.

    Do you make wrestling masks?
         No.  My masks may be wild and uninhibited, but they are not violent.  Much.

    Can I come visit your studio?
         Sorry, but not at this time.  My studio is in my home, and my home is not open to the
         public (not to mention the fact that my insurance agent would go into conniptions).

    Why haven't you answered my e-mail?
         Could be any of a number of reasons --
              (1)  The return e-mail address you provided was invalid, so my response
                    bounced because of 'fatal errors'.
                   (please try again)
              (2)  The address you initially e-mailed to was incorrect -- in other words,
                    your e-mail never reached me.
                   (please try again)
             (3)  My system might have crashed, sending all messages into oblivion.
                   (please try again)
              (4)  I might be under a very heavy work load and haven't had the chance,
                    or I might be rebuilding after a tornado (this is for real -- we were hit
                    by a tornado in April of 1998 -- egadz).
                   (patience, please)
              (5)  I might be taking a vacation/holiday.
                   (patience, please)
              (6) Your communique was impertinent and/or rude.
              (7) Your server may have automagically dumped my response -- those
                    evil, rotten, nasty spammers have highjacked my e-mail addy, causing
                    it to be socially infected with e-mail cooties, until said servers perform
                    a 'cleansing' of some sort.

If you've sent me e-mail and are still waiting for a response after two weeks,
please try again.

If the question you have for me isn't in this FAQ, send me an e-mail.
Just make sure that both addresses are correct, though --

The Merchant of Venice

All works within this site copyrighted by Ryl Mandus, unless otherwise stated.
masks venetian masquerade leathermasks venetian masquerade leather